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  • We specialize in Electrochemical Effluent Treatment process.  We provide innovative and cost effective solution for  treatment of effluent for all types of  industries.  ETP plant design ensuresZERO-DISCHARGE of effluent.
  • Coloured effluent becomes colourless.
  • No Chemicals are added for treatment
  • Electric power treats waste water for reuse
  • No need of R.O.
  • COD, BOD, Colour, odour, TSS and TDS are removed to comply PCB norms
  • No moving parts
  • No massive civil works
  • No sludge formation
  • 95% water recovery balance in the form of acid and alkali
  • Simple plug & play operation



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TDS is removed by Electro-Electrodialysis technology. The state-of-the art technology generates acid & alkali from TDS.  If required, hypo  solution may be obtained from the  plant.

Electrochemical ETP plant consists of series of single unit EFFCLIN.

Each EFFCLIN measures 100 x 90 x 15 cm in size and treats 10000 ltrs/day of typical dye house effluent water.


  • A.C. 3 Phase Power supply
  • Covered space for the plant