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Electro organic synthesis gains importance as it is clean and non-polluting technology for production of organics. We offer complete technical know-how and supply electrochemical reactors for  production of desired organic product.


  • Direct In-Cell process for oxidation / reduction reaction technology offers convenient way of producing aromatics like aldehydes and amines


  • Indirect Ex-Cell process generates potential oxidants / reducing agents in the electrochemical plant and spent catalyst is returned to the Cell for regeneration.
  • Electrochemical fluorination  is another attractive method for specific fluorination of pharma and specialty organics


We scale up from lab model to industrial scale reactors based on electrochemical technology in pharma and specialty chemicals.  Our R&D team engages in electrochemical methods of synthesis of organic / inorganic products


Kno-How for following products along with suitable electrochemical reactors and accessories are available:

Direct Oxidation,


  • p-Anisaldehyde
  • p-Tert.Butylbenzaldehyde
  • FFC grade Benzaldehyde
  • Picoline to picolinic acid
  • 2-methyl pyrazine to pyrazine monocarboxylic acid


Indirect Oxidation:


  • 2, 4 dichlorobenzaldehyde
  • Products using sodium dichromate as oxidising catalyst


Direct Reduction

  • Picolinic acid to Picoline-2-carboxaldehdye
  • Azo group reduction to amino group - Continuous process
  • Nitro group to amine group
  • Double bond reduction